Jun 22, 2010

Same Big Hole, New Dirt

Training: 1) Technique, 1 block

2) T2P, 1 block

3) Gymnastic Buffet

Notes: I train alone. I like training alone. I don't carry about who sent what "secret" project, where the "pro climbers" are climbing this month, or what grade a problem gets this week. I don't care about a couple of bolts on some cliff I'll never go to. I just want to climb. This is my chance for action, instead of just talk. Today, right now. Excuse me while I turn the down the volume on my life, your life, and all of life.

#1 Still getting after it at CATS. My climbing is improving. #2 Better at the longer thing. Skin was the limiting factor. #3. Went horrible, couldn't do easy stuff for me. Didn't want to force it. First time on a balance beam in 25 years! Doubled the amount of time on trampoline over last session. Finished with some pull-ups and core. It is fun and reasonable to do kipping pull-ups on proper gynmastic equipment. The variety of basic equipment provides an environment for me to properly scale "bodywieght" movements.