Jun 29, 2010

Poking The Bear

1) Technique, 1.5 block

2) Bouldering, .5 block

3) Fartlek Intervals, 1 block

4) Mobility/Basic Gymnastics, 1 block

"Two-Minute Drills Part 2: Treating That Sticky Rib" with Kelly Starrett

Notes: #1 Continuing to move up the dyno progression - bigger, more sidewise, more single handed. Continued progression on one leg climbing by climbing harder problems #2 Quick sent all the new problems, including a "project" dyno (2nd go, static for me) #3 I'm improving and it feels nice. 1st round - Adv, Active Recovery (AR), Int, Int 2nd round - Adv, Adv, Int, Int 3rd round - Adv, AR, Adv, Int, AR, Int #4 Tried the Kelly Starrett "Treating that sticking rib" until I started to cry (literally). Either I was doing something very right or very wrong. The jury is still out. I "played" on cool playground bars near my work, made up a nice kipping pull-up progression (since I don't know of one for tight shoulders). I released so much tension that I feel like I'm floating.