Jan 18, 2009

My Bitter Half

Objective : Strength

Warm-up : 4 rounds
400m, sprint
40 push-ups
Time : 9:46

Training : (1) 1 RM, deadlift, 365

(2) 5 rounds
doubles, dead-lift, 285
8, strict press, 35X2

Deadlift, 365
When I training for my Birthday Challenge last year, this was a warm-up weight. I'm trading my General Physical Preparation for Specific Physical Preparation. Oh yeah, those hex plates suck.

Notes: After the lengthy climbing session, I didn't have much left in the tank. I hit the basics hard : sprinting and lifting heavy stuff. I throw-in a little vertical and horizontal pressing to keep from becoming a hunchback. I had a bunch more planned, but I left instead of possibly hurting myself. In CrossFit world, that makes me a pansy. In my world, I'm focusing on my sport.