Jan 6, 2009

1-4-7 Used To Mean Something

Objective : Climbing Power

Warm-up : Flash a lot of problems

Training : (1) Campus
Big Rungs : 1-4-5
Small rungs (crimp) : 1-3-4
1-5-8 (fail)
Medium Rungs (open) : 1-5-7

(2) Flash more problems (with downclimbing)

(3) 3 one-arm pull-ups with each arm
lots of front levers, windshield wipers, and 45 lb weighted situps

Notes : After this morning's CrossFit workout, I visited a local climbing gym that also has workout facilities. They grade problems "Recreation", "Intermediate", "Advanced", and "Open." Personally, I like that grading for indoor climbing. I flashed every Advanced problem and most Open problems. SUPER WEIRD!!! I guess hitting the hangboard helped. The only Open problems I couldn't do were either greasy old slopers or in the steep cave. I couldn't keep my feet on because of the earlier workout. I'm not siked about roof climbing. Their setting was very good. However, I got bored and decided to campus. Their campus board is okay. My biggest complaint is the different sized-rungs have different spacing. THERE ARE STANDARDS!!! Those numbers mean nothing, they are only for personal reference. I found another thing I suck at : Pulling through, e.g. on the big rungs it should be 1-4-7, not 1-4-5. I did reach a mini-epiphany : I don't care about CrossFit but love climbing.

Bonus :
Properly spaced campus rungs
Photo courtesy of Moon Climbing