Jan 24, 2009

Rolling the Dice, Las Vegas Day 1

Objective : Performance

Routes Sent : Sacred Undergarment Squeeze Job, 5.8 (onsight)
Totally Clips, 5.11a (2nd go)
Viagra Falls, 5.11d (onsight)
Here Kitty Kitty, 5.11b (onsight)

Total Points : 27

Routes Tried : Cujo, 5.11d (3 tries)

Alex and lots of rocks

Alex right before her nice 15'' whipper, the ups and downs of onsighting.

Notes : My girlfriend and I got rained out the first day. It allowed us to play tourist, Hover Dam, MGM lions, and a nice dinner. Today we got to play sport climber with perfect Vegas winter weather, 50 degree and partly cloudy. I punted on the onsight for Totally Chips, falling at the last hard move. Then came my best onsight ever : Viagra Falls, 11d. A really rad route, a boulder crux low to steep jugs. I'm now very close to my 2009 goal of 12a onsight (I bumped it from a flash goal). Then I got shut down on Cujo. Not my style, big moves on medium sized holds to a high crux boulder problem and with awkward clips (no extra charge).