Dec 11, 2010

Data Is The New Oil

Training: 1) Technique

2) Threshold Bouldering

3) Hangboard

4) Core/Gymnastics

Louie Simmons on Proper Training
(Sorry I'm having trouble embedding .mov)

What are your testers?

What are your builders?

Notes: A session at The Spot. Climbing at The Spot is its own subgenre of climbing - Big feet & Small Moves.

#1 Worked on smooth flashes #2 The Spot doesn't set that many hard moves. It is the 10+ medium-hard moves in a row that get to me. #3 They don't have a hangboard (WTF?). Did Crankenstein hangs = Offset hands on campus rungs. #4 Did shadow-boxing front levers. They are similar to Power Touches but more scalable. I'll post a video next week. I'm working the gymnastic skills of a 6 year old girl, i.e. walk overs, cartwheels, and basic tumbling.