Dec 13, 2010

Playing Chess While Wrestling

Training: 1) Yoga, 2 blocks

2) Technique

3) Campus

4) Repeats

5) Prehab

Bonus: I tested my 1-arm pull-ups. I can two full ROM dead-hang 1-arm pull-ups with each arm. Do I really need anymore?

I'm chasing Power, Technique, & Mobility. All parallel goals.
What are you chasing?

Notes: Long Yoga session. Short & Hard climbing session

#1 Sunday Yoga is the same every week. It is my tester. While Thursday Yoga, my private practice, and daily mobility drills are builders. Seeing progress. #2 Worked on keeping one foot on while stepping high or outside with the other. Easy movements today #3 Last Big Rung microcyle session. Did 1-5-7 without too much trouble. Tried and almost got 1-6. All mental #4 Repeats went really well. Feel like I'm micro peaking. Time to be extra careful #5 My left shoulder is back to fully functional. 2 weeks of smart focused training improved the situation. It is almost like this stuff works.