Dec 16, 2010

Ferret Leggings

Training: 1) Threshold Bouldering

2) Hangboard

rest 2 hours

3) Technique

4) Repeats

5 ) Technique

6) TGU

7) Press

8) Core & Prehab

Notes: Start of the official winter training session for me.

#1 Back to my home wall. I set it up specifically for threshold work. I'm better (possibly stronger) than last home wall session. #2 Surpassed my old benchmarks. Success! #3 Foot Hoover. I tend to climb ladder-like when I foot hoover. I worked on other movement patterns. #4 Did doubles. Flashed all the new problems. Was able to dramatically improve on 2nd lap. Playing with movement. Got hard real quick. #5 Foot Hoover with no hands. I have a project in that style. Freaking hard/rad. #6 Worked up to 35lbs. Perfect movement. #8 3X5, 125 Maintenance work. #9 Standing crunches, 3X10, 180lbs