Dec 27, 2010

Annual Review - 2010 Goals

I spend the last week in December reviewing my previous year.

Here is the breakdown of my goals from the last year :

- "Travel. Visit 10 new (to me) climbing areas."
Killed it. I visited at least 12 new climbing areas: Red Feather, Groom Creek, 3 Sisters, Sinks Canyon (bouldering), Keystone, Sailing Hawk, Turtle Lake, Flagstaff, Owl Canyon, Pie Shop, Flatirons, Shelf Road.

- "Finish Projects"
Minor Fail. I couldn't round up enough rope partners. I finished a bunch of boulder projects.

- "Attempt Over-My-Head Projects"
Major Fail. I continued to remain in my safety zone of climbing things onsight/in-a-day.

- "Develop More"
Yes (Kinda). I only bolted one route because I focused my effort on new bouldering.

- "Redpoint Something I'm Proud Of"
This is my favorite climb of the year.

- "Body Composition"
Better but not ideal

- "Campus 1-5-8"
Nope. Focusing on sending outside cut into my campusing. I eked out 1-5-7.

Bonus – "Birthday Challenge"
I started training for one but lost the plot.

I didn't accomplish all my goals. If I had, I would be worried that I didn't aim high enough.