Dec 19, 2010

Nongaussian Errors in the Residuals


1) Work Project


1) Campus

2) Repeats

3) Hangboard

4) Prehab

I'm a big fan of tactics.
The space heater made all the difference for this session.

Notes: Last day outside in CO before CA holiday break. High of 36. Warmed-up on home wall.

#1 - Did all the moves on my project. Some small links. Definitely V10 for me. A V8 (4 moves) into a V7 (6 moves) then topout (2 easy moves).

Short training session. No time for technique. Rewarmed-up by climbing a circuit which included most of the comp problems I did and some harder stuff. Interesting!

#1 1st Medium Rung microcycle session. Did 1-5. Not too bad #2 Repeats went really well. #3 Open hand switches. Skin was tired.