Dec 7, 2010

Growing Tall vs. Growing Up

Training: 1) Technique

2) Technique

3) Campus/Mobility

4) Techniq

Scott Hagnas on Hip Mobility
(Sorry I'm having trouble embedding .mov)

Notes: My legs are still not recovered from the competition. Using open handholds in routesetting encourages using large footholds, heel-hooks in particular. Since I'm weak on open handholds, my legs took a beating.

#1 Climbed outside at Horsetooth Reservoir. That place is classic but not good. Mostly got on slabs (no handed). It was nice being outside. #2 Climbed the easier problems from the competition. Repeated each one until perfect #3 The plan is to hammer power (along with technique) this cycle. Experimenting with using pendulum wave loading, ala Westside. This week was Big Rungs & Big Moves. Next week will be Big Rungs & Big Pull-Throughs. The following week will be Big Rungs & Big Moves/Pull-Throughs. Then the same progression will start over with Medium Rungs. Here are My Campus Logs if you're curious. #4 Climbed Open level problems with any feet. Noticing how my intuitive technique is the same or different from the forced sequence. Did several Open Problems with different sequences. Exploring movement possibilities.