Dec 15, 2010

Lecturing Birds On How to Fly

Performance: 1) "Unkown", aka Random Arete, V5

2) Alternative stand start into #1, V7

3) Work sds to #2

4) "Better Luck in the Next Life", V8/9

Training: 1) Technique, 2 blocks

Notes: My last Front Range outside day for a little while. Simply Beautiful. #3 should be a V10. I keep breaking holds, evidence of a potential FA.

#1 1st block - Foot hover/Quiet Feet. That is the best technique drill I know. It directly translates to me sending. In addition, I enjoy climbing more with quiet feet. 2nd block. - Relax/Recover. I can get by climbing hardish routes with my ability to recover on route since very few Front Range routes are continuous. There is limited transference training continuous power endurance. I'm developing my ability to microrest on every hold.