Apr 4, 2010

Sinks Canyon Bouldering, Good Stuff (I'm Not Jokin')

I needed a roadtrip like a ripper needs an internet controversy so I headed up to Lander, WY, one of my new favorite places in the US. The weather looked prime, sunny and 50s. I didn't know they got dumped on the day before. Everything was snowed-in and wet.

It is a bad sign when backcountry snowboarders are leaving from the same parking lot.

I've earned my postholing merit badge this spring.

Instead of my usual S.O.P. of trying to send as much as possible, I focused on a couple of projects listed in the guidebook:

The yellow line could be Flake, V2.
The green line could be the "Bed of Nails" Project V12(?).
I sent it from the stand @ V8, the sit adds 5 brick hard moves.
Simply brilliant, a 4 star line.

Green line is the arete on Old Lady Driver Boulder
I came up short on the stand, ~V7, and didn't get a chance on the sit.

It was amazing climbing on projects so close to the car and to each other. The bonus was they were different styles, overhanging thug vs. vertical tech, on different types of rock, dolomite vs. granite.

Immaculate Granite Edge

Rad dolomite, a mere mile away from granite

Dolomite and the Damage Done

Just me and a couple of horses in the city park.

Sinks Canyon Wildlife,
the most and biggest trout I have ever seen.

Problems Sent:
Pig Eye, V3, Flash
Keep Fishin', V3, Flash
KD 2, V3, Redpoint (sds to mantle = hard)
Bread Control, V3, Flash (sds)
Touch Sensitive, V4, Flash
North Face, V4, 2nd go (didn't commit to pocket move)
Corn on the Cob, V5, Flash (guide book says V3)
?, V8, Redpoint ("bed of nails project" stand, sit is much harder)

Problem Tried:
West Face, V6, 1 try (i melt in the sun)
Arete on Old Lady Driver, V7(?), a bunch (I ran out of send juice by the time I figured it out )
Perfume of Pain, V8, 3 tries (roadtrip rule)
The Parkers, V8, 3 tries (couldn't figure out the feet)

(This happened before my short hiatus from climbing.)