Apr 29, 2010

Boulder Canyon, Castle Rock Bouldering

I continued my after-work session theme with Boulder Canyon. It would've been a good day to bring the ice tools and a balaclava. The very cool temperatures, with a brisk wind and far bit of moisture in the air, made the rock was stickier than Willie Nelson's tour bus.

Good mixed conditions on "Nintendo"

I focused and dispatched all the moderates with quickness. The Citadel taught me that I need to climb outside ALOT more to translate my strength and technique to real rock. My strength base enables me to give rapid fire attempts. Rapid fire attempts enables me to quickly learn the appropriate technique and send the problem. Strength is FOUNDATION of all physical pursuits. Don't let anyone tell you different. I finished the day with the Colorado Burl 2 sideshow at Neptune's Mountaineering and pints at Southern Sun. The Front Range cannot be beat for sustainable climbing lifestyle.

Route Sent:
SouthWest Arete, V0- (fun)
North Slab, V0, Flash
South Face, V3, Flash (?)
Nintendo, V4, Flash (mixed conditions, shoulda brought my ice tools)
Standard Bulge, V5, 3rd go (couldn't figure out where to go, i traversed way right)
The Citadel, V8, redpoint (<20 min, 1st go with reasonable beta)