Apr 23, 2010

Smoking Candy Cigarettes

Training: 1) Route Doubles, 45 minutes

2) T2P, 30 minutes

3) Rhythm Intervals, 3 rounds
Level 2, 2, 1

Notes: I'm experimenting with creating sessions that follow a continuum from sport specific to conditioning specific. I got the idea from Gambetta's blog. I move from most climbing related, routes, to the least climbing related, rhythm intervals on the system board. Climbing always takes priority, but it is hard to get a strong enough "dose" from just climbing.

#1 - I'm addicted to route doubles. I climbed the hardest routes available. Falling off near the top of the second lap = PERFECT #2 - Getting better at regulating the intensity. I tend to pick the traverse too easy and the problem too hard. #3 - There is no hiding in Rhythm Intervals. They suck my soul (in a good way).