Apr 9, 2010

5FHAR, A Couple of Lines and A Project

I started my river bloc exploration by trying to add a sds to the middle line on the warm-up boulder, but it proved to be too crimpy and hard for me today. After I made my way ~1/4 mile downstream to a couple of problems in a cove.

Pink, V2 - sds, follow blunt steps, not the best rock
Blue, V3 - sds, climb dihedral, topout via white crystal dike ladder
Green, V5 - sds, compression start yields to arete, good rock
Yellow, V2 - sds, undercling to crack with gratuitou kneebar

White Crystal Dike Ladder

About 100 yards downstream is this finger of rock-
V6 - sds, gymnastic moves to gain arete
I've been keeping my nicknames for climbs private,
but this is good one -
Continental Clean, aka Put Some Belly Into It

The other side of the rock-
V5 - sds, desperate moves before a glory knife-edge arete

This rock is about 100ft downstream-
Blue, V3 - stand start on large sloper
Green Solid, V2 - stand start
Green Dotted, ? - sds follow lip, I couldn't even get established!
Pink, V0 - featured but slick slab, brilliant but scary

This rock is the most river polished stone I have climbed on, think textured glass. Every problem is great because the rock is so unique. The Green Dotted line is futurist.

A bird nest in the middle of the river

The Crafty Nest Maker