Apr 12, 2010

Homestead Boulder

I hike around a lot and have a virtually unlimited list of potential climbing. This bloc was always on the top of my list. I had to wait over a year for the right confluence of events, relatively warm day and low river level, before I could climb on it. Today was my lucky day. My nickname for this boulder is the "Homestead Boulder." It composed of very solid red granite. However because of its location there was about an inch of lichen on it.

Here is what I ended up with after I busted out my rope and brush -
Yellow, V? - Lots of options, none of them good
Green Solid, V? - stand start on two jug sidepulls, tricky moves to tricker top-out
Green Dotted, V? - same start as Green Solid, traverse on slopers and jugs to join Yellow line
Pink, V? - same start as Green Solid, traverse to sloper and exit directly, looks very hard
Blue, V1 - Grab large plate feature, mantle, grab lip, mantle again, easy but committing

There are 2 Vos, not pictured, bookending the aforementioned climbing.

Mixed Bouldering Anyone?

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