Apr 6, 2010

The Sessions #6, Deep Mastery

I spent the climbing portion of this session on a single route. It was a good teacher, if I paid attention. It reminds me of the deep mastery present in kettlebells, Olympic Weightlifting, and climbing at Owl Tor. There is a limited number of reasonable moves with a kettlebell, i.e. swing, snatch, get-up, and windmill. There are only two lifts, Snatch and Clean & Jerk, in Olympic Weightlifting. There are ~12 rad routes at Owl Tor. People spend a lifetime mastering these pursuits. It doesn't suit my disposition, but I can see the attraction.

There was also a fitness portion of the session which mixed general "functional" training with climbing specific training, not dissimilar to Mountain Athlete or Alpine Training Center. These type of circuits are useful, but not necessary nor sufficient, to accomplish climbing related goals. I'm still a believer in the "postage stamp rule."

P.S. I did not clip the chains of my training route today.