Apr 11, 2010

Boulder Canyon, Welcome Back to Shredding

I planned to spend a relaxing Sunday playing on the Graham Boulder of Boulder Canyon. It went according to plan until I ripped a hole in my finger, which almost never happens. I decide to call it a short day. In the process of putting my pads in my car, I locked my keys in the car. No problem. I have a hide-a-key. I can't find the hide-a-key. DAMN! Luckily, there was a CO Highway Patrol person at the turnout. I talked him into giving me a ride.

Down the canyon to Alex's, my girlfriend, house in Boulder.

Up the Canyon to look for the hide-a-key again. Nope. Still not there.

Down the Canyon. I drive to Fort Collins to get a back-up key which I'm sure exists.

My Back-up Key-
WTF? How does that even happen?

Up the canyon to test the f-up key. It almost works. But almost getting into my car doesn't help.

Down the canyon to get cell phone reception. I call AAA, I highly recommend their plus membership. They are helpful but slightly shredding also.

Up the canyon to meet the locksmith. He comes from Nederland, the 3rd CO city to decriminalize marijuana. He is completely stoned, but my car is not that hard to break into. However, halfway through his flashlight runs out of batteries. Alex is smarter than him or me and brought a flashlight. (She is only person not shredding.)

Down the canyon for the last time.

The theme of this spring - Snow & River Crossings

Perfect Sloper in the Forest

The well textured granite of Boulder Canyon

Oh yeah, here are the numbers :

Problem Sent -
North Face Traverse, V2/3, Flash (best problem on the boulder)
Warm-up Corner, V4, Flash (not painful, mildly interesting)
Left Graham Arete (stand), V5, Redpoint (hard, come back for the sit in the fall)
Right Graham Arete (uncontrived), V7, Redpoint (from LH sloper & RH crimp, super pile, the official/squat start is ultra lame)

Problems Tried -
The Fields Problem, V6, 5 tries (hard hop move for me, ripped a hole in my finger, NEGATIVE)