Apr 27, 2010

Ouzel & YGT Boulders

I set out after a less than solid 1/2 day of work to explore Poudre Canyon. I knew what I was getting into and stick to the lower canyon. I wrestled with some boulders at the Ouzel pull-out. The rocks were short but one made up for it with high quality river polished granite.

Blue, V1 - sds on slopers, blind throw to jug
Green, V5 - sds with LH on a sloper ball and RH on sidpull, traverse up and left
Pink, V1/2 - sds, slopey jugs

Green, V3 - sds, a long pull to good holds, chossy rock

I finished the outside portion of my day by running a circuit, ~15 problems, on the YGT boulders. It was an idyllic experience, moving over the relatively well-featured granite with perfect landings in a field of flowers. The only sounds supplied by a babbling brook.

Some YGT boulders:

Bonus Flower