Dec 24, 2009

Get Behind Me, Santa!!!

Training: 1) Open Hand, System Board
Upper Left, Match then Pull Through
Upper Left, Pull Through (with bigger feet)

2) 1/2 Crimp, System Board
#1, Pull Through
#0, Match

3) Wide Moves, System Board
Lower Right, Skip 1 up & 1 over

4) 1-arm pull-ups
Left X 2, Right X 1.99
Left +5lbs, Right +2.5 lbs

Notes: Feel better than yesterday and performance is also better. Still not firing on all cylinders but getting stronger. Surprised myself with the 1-arm pull-ups. I might try a 31 lb 1-arm for my Birthday Challenge.

I'm heeding Dan John's advice and doing myofascial release on 6'' piece of PVC. It is hell but I feel much better after. I focus on my forearms, especially outside near my elbow. There is tightness that might be the start of elbow tendinitis. I had a problem with it in the past but don't currently feel the conscious symptoms. I also focus my left shoulder, an old injury. Afterwords there is more "space" in my shoulder. Someone saw me rolling and asked, "What is injured?" I replied "Nothing, I'm trying to keep it that way." I view it like car maintenance. I rather invest a little time and money now to prevent my timing belt breaking in the middle of the Utah desert.