Dec 8, 2009

The Sessions, #2, Better Training Through Technology

I'm still learning how to train in Justin's style. His training style is very different from my style or anyone else's style that I've worked with. He focuses primarily on the mental aspects of climbing, the rest will come along for the ride. Once I (re)learn the basics, we'll really get to work. During the whole session, I feel like a stupid boulder. I get pumped and fall apart so easily. Today I climbed for the first time with ankle weights and heart rate monitor. It was odd and took a little while to adapt. They are just tools to accomplish a goal. Just like there are no bad movements, there are no bad tools.

Even though training is structured at the individual level, being in an environment with better climbers will encourage me to raise my game. Movement, the gym itself, also encourages progress. The routes and boulder problems are wonderfully set, thoughtful without being contrived. In addition, they set hard problems and routes in a variety of styles. Something I find lacking in most gyms. I finally have a quality coach, training partners, and facility. Let the real training begin.