Dec 27, 2009

Operation Flea Collar

Training: 1) Flash, All new problems

2) Open Hand, Systemboard
Upper Left, Pull Through (with regular feet)

3) Open Hand, Hangboard
Large Edge, 1-arm

3) 1/2 Crimp, Systemboard

4) Wide Moves, Systemboard
Lower Right, Skip 1 Up & 1 Over

5) Front Lever, Straddle
3 sets

6) Corkscrew, 45 lbs
to failure

Notes: My Open Hand performance surprised me considering I campused hard yesterday. Getting stronger every session. Faded quickly during #3 and #4. I rarely train to failure, but it has value.

I have enough General Physical Preparation, GPP, to do my daily activities and recovery from my training. In the last week, I moved my stuff easily, pushed a car up a snowy driveway, and did basic construction building my woody. I don't need anymore. For a while, I was going to let my GPP slip down to Level 3. The more I let it slip, the less I realize I need. The plan is to let it slip to Level 2 and reassess.