Dec 29, 2009

HGT Boulders, Winter Projects

All of my projects are out of season. I can't get to the parking areas, they are covered in snow, or in the shade (or some combination of all three). I spent the day exploring and quickly found something.

A Nice Chunk of Rock

It is the size of a house. There is low easy stuff, high easy stuff, low hard stuff, and high hard stuff. Something for everyone. It is embedded in hillside which makes the descent a mellow walk-off. Finding this came just in time, I was getting a little case of Seasonal Affective Disorder and losing some training syke. Now I have a excuse to play outside and train hard.

I plan to publish (in some form) all my climbs when they are finished (I need to buckle down and finish areas). In the meantime, I'm keeping my nicknames private. I climbed two lines above, both warm-ups. I worked a project on the left hand side.