Dec 26, 2009

Running The Rack

Training: 1) Campus, Large Rungs, Doubles
1-5 (fail X 3)

2) Campus, Medium Rungs, Doubles

3) Campus, Large Rungs, Ladder

4) Campus, Medium Rungs, Ladder
1-5-6 (f)

5) Technique, Perfect Climbing, Adv. Problems, 20 minutes

6) Prehab, Elbows & Shoulders

Winter in the Front Range

Notes: I tried to leave for Texas, to get my outdoor fix, but less 1 hour into the drive it became unappealing. I'm settling into a training cocoon and will emerge a beautiful strong butterfly.

Max effort day, time to break PRs. I use the conjunctive system, thanks Louie. I constantly rotate exercises. This session I used doubles up and down. I could make the distance on the 1-5 double but I couldn't latch it. It appears to be a mental/coordination issue. I was hitting the middle of the rung during 1-5-6.

I'm not sure about accessory work for climbing. The goal of accessory work is add muscle mass. Actually, I'm trying to lose muscle mass to improve my climbing. I give due diligence to prehab. Prehab takes on some of the characteristics of accessory work but is relatively low intensity. The most prominent candidate for accessory work is "core". But my core is strong enough, i.e. not a limiter. In fact, I might over rely on my core strength. Still investigating. That is why it is the Climbing Lab.