Dec 2, 2009

New Training Cycle

Objective: Planning

After the feedback from Justen, I'm entering a new mesocycle, Technique/Long Power Endurance. The last cycle, Performance/Power, was a success. I got objectively stronger, sent my hardest boulder problem, and did all the moves on my bolted project.

There are some physical constraints. CO turned into a version of the Hoth ice world, so performance days will be few and far between. In addition, I've to do some traveling. I don't exactly know where or when, but I won't have great access to crags or gyms. That is LIFE. That makes strength training not optimal, but strength is not my biggest limiter. The idea behind a microcycle is that I complete each session type (in any order) before starting over. I can drop the training if the weather gets good or I end up in Hueco.

Dates: Dec 3- Jan 10

Per microcycle
4 Climbing Technique
3 Climbing Power Endurance, Long Interval
2 Climbing Power Endurance, Medium Interval
1 Climbing Power Endurance, Short Interval
1 Climbing Strength
0 Climbing Power
0 Crosstraining
Gymnastics and cardio when appropriate

"Don't have any meetings about your web strategy (or training program). Just do stuff. First you have to fail, then you can improve."
Seth Godin