Jan 3, 2010


Training: 1) Maintenance, Roped, 2 hours

2) Threshold Bouldering, 20 minutes

3) Open Hand, 1-arm hang, Large Sloper Rungs

4) Pull-up, 1-arm

Post Holiday Massacre

Notes: Winter retightened its grip on the Front Range, forcing me back inside. Maintenance climbing is what typical climbers do. It is medium intensity with medium length rests while climbing routes/problems that are interesting, i.e. play to your strengths. I usually avoid this type of climbing indoors because you don't improve doing it. However, it is fun.

Threshold Bouldering was interesting because I had Alex "set" problems for me. Good to get outside of my comfort zone. It was 3:1 ratio of weaknesses to strengths, in both movement and grip type. Basic climbing strength training to finish the day.