Jan 20, 2010

"Maintaining a Balance" Really Means Maintaining Mediocrity

Warm-up 1) Momentum Drills, 10 minutes

2) Hoover Foot Drills, 15 minutes

3) Mobility Drills

Training: 1) Open Hand, Hangboard, Medium Edge (1-arm w/assistance)
rest 1:00 between sets

2) Open Hand, Hangboard, Flat Sloper
3 sets of switches

3) 1/2 Crimp, Small Campus Rung (1-arm w/assistance)
rest 1:00 between sets

4) Full Crimp, Small Campus Rung (1-arm w/assistance)
rest 1:00 between sets

5) Pull-ups, 1-Arm
Dynamic Effort

6) Foot Fly Aways

7) Rhythm Intervals, 3 rounds
Level 2, 2, 2

8) Prehab

Foot Fly Aways

Notes: There was only 1 new problem to flash (I crushed it). I substituted some basic drills to warm-up. My open hand strength feels subjective stronger. I started to fade by the time full crimp came around so I cut it short. #5 is more sport specific than front levers. Increasing volume only on Rhythm Intervals. I was shredding during the last one.

I'm taking another cue from Westside by switching up my training. Doing hangs on the campusboard and campusing on the system board. Where they use a variety of bars, I use a variety of climbing apparatus.