Jan 16, 2010

HGT Boulders, "VOs don't usually start with a drop-knee"

Alex's first trundle (supposedly)

Alex joined me at the HGT Boulders. It was fun playing a sandbagging guide. Hence the "VOs don't usually start with a drop-knee" quote. While we were fooling around, I sent a rad compression sit down start, about V3, to the Black Line. I linked all the moves from the stand to the lip on the "easy project", about V6. It blanks out at the lip, around 12 ft, before 15 ft of "victory slab." It is not the hardest line but engaging and proud. Alex did a bit of housekeeping by cleaning up a conventional descent. In the past, it was faster and easier to use a fixed rope. The crag is looking downright civilized.