Jan 11, 2010

Yoga Butt

Training: 1) Flash, New Problems, 20 minutes

2) Campus, Ladders, Large Rungs

3) Campus, Ladders, Medium Rungs

4) Flash, New Problems, 30 minutes

5) Open Hand, Hangboard
Flat Sloper, Switches

6) 1/2 Crimp, Systemboard
#1, Pull Through

7) Full Crimp *

Notes: I was looking forward to campusing, but my body thought otherwise. During the warm up set, the inside of my right elbow started to hurt. I was feeling very strong so I ignored it. I realized I was being an idiot and went back to bouldering. I think the injury's root is from getting gripped during a sketchy top-out early in the day. It felt better as the session went on.

I did 2x the number of laps on #6 than my usual. For the full crimp, I hung 1-arm on the smallest campus rung (with one finger on the other hand on the lowest rung for assistance). Ran out of time for assistance work and prehab.