Jan 7, 2010


Training: 1) Work Hard Problems, 30 minutes

2) Open Hand, System Board
Upper Left, Pull Through

3) 1/2 Crimp, System Board
#1, Pull Through

4) Open Hand, Hangboard
Flat Slopers, Switches

5) Pull-ups, 1-arm (w/assistance)

6) Front Lever, Straddle

Notes: Other life stressors reduced performance during this session, but I still got to the gym. I had to work the new problems, instead of my usual flashing. I found a movement weakness during this session and the last time outdoors. Traverses around outside corners. I don't have the proper schema. That will be an interesting one to train.

The rest of the session was basic climbing strength training. I can't wait for my homewall so I get more scientific with my training. I'm not great at 1-arms, simple exposure should improve my ability.