Jan 16, 2010

Getting There is 1/100th of the Fun

Training: 1) Flash, All New Problems, 20 minutes

2) Open Hand, Hangboard
Medium Edge, 1-arm with assistance

3) 1/2 Crimp, Systemboard
#1+2lbs, Pull Through

4) Pull-up, 1-arm
Left +8 lbs (fail), Right +5 lbs (fail)

5) Rhythm Intervals, 2 rounds
Level 2, Level 2.5

6) Various core & prehab

Notes: Outside is the d'oeuvre for the entree of training. Back to the usual, i.e. flashing everything. Stepping it up on #2 & #3. I can hang the medium edge on the Metolius Simulator 1-armed (w/o assistance) for a short bit. I add assistance, grabbing a light band with my other hand, to extend the time to ~7s. 2lbs is not much but still progress. I tried for a PR on 1-arm pull-ups. I only got halfway there.

Back to power endurance training. It sucks.
Rhythm Intervals (5 rounds!! I just puked a little in my mouth) are the best thing I have found for Short Duration Power Endurance. I feel good, physically strong and mentally tough.