Nov 14, 2009

Leet Speak

Training: 1) Technique, Underclings, 20 minutes

2) Boulder, 1.5 hours

3) 4x4 (Adv+, Adv-, Adv, Int+)
rest 1:1 (2:30)

4) Muscle-ups, sited, 2X3

5) Back lever, pike bicycle, X3

6) 3 rounds
Plank, 1-arm, X2
Pull-ups, 1-arm assisted, X3(2)

Last Round, #6

Notes: Switched it up and went to Boulder Rock Club. I spent the beginning of the session working underclings, which was hard because there very few underclings (mostly juggy start holds).

I was able to flash most of their "elite" problems. I didn't top out all the problems. I have a double-overhead rule for training. I won't boulder higher than twice my height because IT IS STUPID TO HURT YOURSELF TRAINING. I didn't even try the token fat pinch problem. I feel like I have graduated to training at CATS.

I'm starting a gymnastic cycle. Dan John advocates lots of exposure for novice weightlifters, aka "If it is important, do it everyday." I'm taking the same approach to my novice gymnastics. I'm creating a "gymnastic routine". #4 is designed to take the kip out of my mu (a bad CrossFit habit). I suck at #5 compared my front lever.