Nov 15, 2009

Volume over Reason

Training: 1) Open hand, 1-arm hang, Large Edge

2) Open hand, 1-arm switches, Flat Sloper

3) 1/2 crimp, System board ladder, #2

4) Circuit of hard problems, all repeats, 30 minutes

5) 7 rounds
Rowing, 30 on/30 off

Notes: 3rd day on but felt fine. The last two days were diagnostic and found I should deprioritize full crimp training. I didn't push too hard but still got a dose. I want to stabilize the new 1-arm training before pushing to the next level. Compare #3 to full crimping.

I throw in some high intensity interval training, HIIT, #5 at the end. (Sidenote - I pull like a mother from all the Oly training.) I have been doing Steady State, SS, cardio on "rest" days in an effort to lose some weight. Along with tightening up my diet, I have lost 5 pounds since my final Weightlifting Competition. My goal is to lose another 5 pounds by the start of my Thanksgiving roadtrip.