Nov 2, 2009

Net Neutrality

Training: 1) Campus, Doubles
Large Rungs, 1-4
Medium Rungs, 1-3
Large Rungs, 2-1

2) Campus, Ladders
Small Rungs, 1-4-5
1-4-6 (!!!)
Large Rungs, 1-5

3) System board, 1-arm hangs assisted, Upper Right

rest 15 minutes

4) Rhythm Intervals, Lower Right
Level 2 X 2

Notes: Compare to June. I'm starting to see gains in campusing. I introduced double drops. I plan to do 1-5-9 within a year. It feels very far. 1-arm hangs are big weakness (#3). I'm getting stronger but have the same fitness (#4). It is motivating to have objective benchmarks.

Programing - I've switched to 1 on/1 off. There is no reason behind the switch over than avoiding "a grave with ends kicked out." I limit campusing, i.e. plyometrics, to once a week. I'm suppose to be in a Performance cycle but weather, work, and partners are not cooperating.