Nov 11, 2009

Shouldn't They Call It Department of Offense

Training: 1) Open hand, 1-arm hang, large edge
Left Hand, 0, 0, 0, 0
Right Hand, +5, +5, +5, +5

2) 1/2 crimp, 2-arm hang, small edge
+75, +75, +75

3) Full crimp, system board ladder, #0 (!!!)

4) Wide ladder, skip one panel up/skip one panel over
lower right, upper right

5) 1-arm pull-up

6) 4 rounds
Climb cave Adv. problem
up & down x 2
rest 1:1

7) 4 rounds
lower right, up
jugs, down x 2
rest 1:1

Notes: I'm starting to become "locked-in" into the current training, 1 on /1 off. Increase strength and maintain technique and fitness. The hangboard is hung too low to add more weight to #2. That pissed me off and I harnessed my rage during #3. My training goal was to do a ladder with #0 by Christmas. I need a new goal.

I hate pull-ups. I can barely motivate myself to 1 or 2 1-arm pull-ups. I'm a believer in doing the opposite. I see climbers in the gym doing pull-ups all the time. I see the same climbers pull(up) themselves off problems and routes. I'm throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

The conditioning work basically sucked, #6 & #7. It was too hectic, peoplewise, trying to down climb in the cave. I'll just stick the systemboard.