Nov 23, 2009

Taos, NM, Questa Dome

Problems Sent: Mr. Personality, v4, FA (aka Blank Apron Project, RAD)
Damnation, V2, flash (stand, weird possible sds)
Girl Scout, V2, 2nd go (Wizard-style)
Betty Crooker, V1, flash (I heart pockets)
The Bean, V0, flash (1 move wonder)
The Be-In, V0, flash (HARD, nearly broke my frozen wrists on the mantle)
Unnamed, Vo, flash (slab, no hands)

Problems Tried: Pan Flute, V3, 1 try (stupid fall)
Chef-boy-arte, v6, 1 try (pile of small, sharp pockets)
Varisty, V7, 2 tries (slabish, cranked so hard on the nothingness I hurt my hand)

Follow the animal tracks to the boulders

Which way are you going?

Look Ma, No Hands


Happy On Top

Looking in vain for positive holds

Looking the "hold"

Finding the "hold"

Letting go of the "hold"

Mr. Personality, FA

Mr. Personality, FA
The chalked areas aren't holds, only areas where I placed my hands

Following My Bliss

Notes: On the way back to CO, we stopped by Questa Dome for a little alpine bouldering. It is a remote forest with granite blocks littered throughout. While it was difficult locating each block, the effort was rewarded with superb bouldering. The climbing is what I imagine Font to be like, a combination of aggression and subtlety. The highlight of the day was the FA (hopefully) of Mr. Personality.