Nov 30, 2009

PMA Wall, Wreck Yourself Monday

Objective : Being everything to everyone

1) Set Route - 6am

2) Lab Meeting - 9am

3) Climbing Photo Shoot- Noon

4) Work FA projects - 2pm

5) Cardio - 6pm

Gettin' Some at PMA wall

Teaching Puppies Old Dog Tricks

Notes: Today was long and hard. But I won't have it any other way. The new guidebook to the Poudre Canyon is coming to fruition. I was able to contribute by wearing tight, bright clothes and climbing cruxes (over and over). Afterwords I somehow convinced the crew to check out PMA wall so I could drop rocks on their heads while they froze to death. I did all the moves on "Free is Everything", the link up between "Free but Not Cheap" and "Stupid Happy with Everything." It goes and its hard. Reasonable climbing sets up a deadpoint to a credit card edge. RAD.

"Stupid Happy with Everything " is still a little loose. The crux is an even bigger deadpoint from worse holds but you latch a flat edge. I wasn't able to stick it but it is possible. I'm syked on contributing to hard climbing in Poudre Canyon. It is a race between the weather and guidebook deadlines.