Nov 27, 2009

Miss Galaxy Pageant

Training: 1) Flash, New Problems, 15 minutes

2) Technique, Over Speed, 10 minutes

3) Technique, Dynos, 10 minutes

4) Campus, Doubles, Large Rungs

5) Campus, Ladder, Large Rungs

6) Campus, Ladder, Medium Rungs

rest 15 minutes

7) Threshold Bouldering, 20 minutes

8) Technique, Over Speed, 10 minutes

Paul and Gabor train together.
You are as good (or as bad) as your training partners.

Notes: I got #2 from a Vern's post. I think it would better with short sections of roped climbing compared to bouldering. I was tired from 2 days ago so I worked on solidifying my current campus training, #4-6. Doubles down are scary. I'm not inspired to project any of the bouldering so I made up my own moves. I grew bored with that too.